At high altitude with Morgan Barbot

Meet Morgan Barbot, Ambassador Freeride and Vertical Freerando for several years now.

I work as a ski patrolman on the glacier Girose (3200m / 3600m) at the Grave (05).

The station where I practice my profession is in a high mountain area. Neither marked, made safe, the skier moves on the field in full Freeride at its peril. still a secure track on the glacier. A very cracked area where it is important for us to deal with in the fall to ensure safe access for skiers wanting to move in this area cooler.

careful though, only the crevices of the track are treated

My job is to inform and educate customers on the various risks of skiing in the cooler area. Unlike the glacier of Les 2 Alpes, yet neighbors, it is very dangerous!

It is difficult to make the public aware that this immense dome of snow, is not as welcoming as you can imagine. In winter, the cracks are partially covered with snow making it very difficult terrain analysis and danger invisible.

As a ski patrolman, patrol boats in collaboration with my colleagues, I also take care of the rescue on the slopes and off-piste.

We work hand in hand with the CRS and PGHM mountain rescue Briancon. They travel by helicopter when the weather allows. Otherwise, it is impossible for them to fly. We are moving the wounded on our own, in most cases in trays relief. The latter is physically demanding because of the high gradient we have to do and the weather.

Currently, I train a dog avalanche to overcome the future casualties and the helicopter could not fly. It is a very long process and it requires a lot of training throughout the year. We meet once a week during the winter with the handlers of the department (trackers, PGHM, Riot Police, Fire, hut keepers ...) for joint training. Young dogs training and operational dogs working together. So I am lucky to work every day of the week with my dog ​​Maiko love it.

During my days off, I have the great chance to enjoy this area Freeride offered the Grave. There are millions of things to do! The high mountain access by cable offers many halls of skiing opportunities on gradients of up to 2400m for longer. In the spring, beautiful ski hikes are possible from the surrounding glaciers: the Meije Glacier, Glacier Tabuchet. But also around the Meije over several days with night in a refuge. In short what fun!

I also practice speed riding and paragliding when the snow does not ski to the bottom. There is no room for boredom whatever the conditions.

In this high mountain terrain, I need warm clothes, waterproof and breathable. I use the Avathaara pants that I find just great! For the above, I never go out without my jacket and my Midlayer VO3max Down Jacket, be on me, either in addition bag as a spare in my jacket Windy.

I wish you all a good winter. Please note, current conditions make you want to dusty corners! But the strong wind formed hard plates resting on a fragile layer which may cause avalanches or caused by low overloading. Enjoy it especially to train in search DVA and do not forget to watch the BRA when you go out. Know interpret! Be safe and enjoy magical moments offered by the mountain.