Materials and Technologies

Pioneers in the areas of ski touring and mountaineering, Since 1984, Vertical has developed technical clothing and equipment, durable and comfortable or lightweight and highly breathable, to conquer the most prestigious summits of the world.

MP+ Membrane

The MP+® membrane is known for its breathability with mountain professionals for almost 20 years. MP+® is a hydrophilic membrane, waterproof and highly breathable. It is the ideal protection for high intensity in demanding environments.


Vertical develops its equipment favoring sustainable development approach. You will find in our range of Eco-Polyester has the advantage of being environmentally friendly. This material offers the comfort and quality of a product by conventional virgin polyester, the big difference is that it is raw material from recycling (industrial waste polyester, plastic bottles sorted, ...). By doing so, we significantly limit the consumption of resources of the planet, while keeping the advantages of conventional polyester (lightweight, quick drying and easy maintenance).


Our Thermofleece fabrics are used in our VO3 clothing range. The smooth stretch outer gives durability and some weather resistance, the brushed lining gives exceptional warmth and moisture control. Perfect for high activity in cold weather.


3D-Mesh fabric is made from polyester filaments for exceptional levels of breathability and comfort. The 3D honeycomb structure gives excellent moisture movement and has quick drying properties, an exceptional fabric for active sports.

DuPont Sorona

Developed by the Dupont-de-Nemours group, SORONA is a polyester micro-fibre made of 37% corn glucose. In addition to its renewable nature, the manufacture of this fibre consumes less energy than for similar fibres. Soft and quick-drying, it wicks moisture away perfectly.