A passionate team

Serving your passion


Benoit Laval and Stéphane Bacconnier form the duo who share the company's management and complement the various managerial and strategic missions. Our founder Benoit Laval focuses on the strategic part, innovation is its trades, as well as marketing and e-commerce. Stéphane is responsible for manager teams and oversee the commercial center.


Think, draw, prototype and test our research and development department designs the products and latest innovations. Real focus of the company it is they who are the link between the various services and analyze your feedback to create ever more innovative products, lightweight and efficient.


& amp Marketing team; Communication is in charge of carrying values ​​and the image of the brand through various media. It is them that you can find on the races and that drive our Team Open to all!


The & # x27; Web team is responsible for all management of our websites, it is this team that will manage this brand showcase and enhance our digital presence



Our sales teams are responsible for the link between our partners and all other branded services. They are the ones who work on races partnerships, where we offer personalization through our production facility in our premises. You can also test our latest products and discover our outlet store in the heart of the Chartreuse!


If you have a question about a product, it will be your interlocutors! They are the ones who work with R & amp; D and know our products fingertips to advise you better. Know that they are also in ability to repair your product if necessary with the assistance of our teams on site.


Our HR team and Administrative are the links of the chain and ensure that each service can work in the best possible conditions.


Find below the company VERTICAL jobs.

You can act spontaneous application at recrutement@raidlight.com